About Dr. Kathleen Gandy...

On December 31, 2013, CCBC lost one of its brightest stars when Professor Kathleen Gandy, Ph.D died after suffering from pancreatic cancer. Kathleen was both a scholar and faculty member. 

But in reality, she was so much more. She was a mentor, colleague, social advocate, global educator, Girl Scout leader, referee for children’s sports, wife to Leroy, and mother to Chloe and Scott. Kathleen was a visionary and a leader. She could not say “no,” and when she said “yes,” look out! Kathleen participated in international service learning and then moved from participant to leader, taking on the role of faculty advisor. She led students on several trips to Belize. Kathleen became the faculty advisor for the CCBC Chapter of Enactus (previously called Students in Free Enterprise) and then inspired the students to enter a regional competition, for which they won first runner-up. 

She sponsored major events to focus on social issues close to her heart, such as human trafficking. Kathleen did everything in a large way, always going above and beyond, always shedding light on things that mattered.